Trip Rock

[Later 1972 / Early 73]

Influences: Captain Beefheart, Syd's Pink Floyd, and who knows what else...

Laurence Miller: electric guitar, singer, songwriter
Benjamin Miller: electric guitar
Patrick (Mike) Powers: electric bass
Roger Miller: drums

 THE MOZAIC PLANTATION was an off-beat four piece Ann Arbor rock band. It did nothing in the real world to speak of
outside of high hopes and a few basement recordings. L
ife then was not like it is now where nearly "any band situation" can
find a performance spot somewhere in your neighborhood. A local coffee shop here, a performance flat upstairs there. The band enjoyed songs in sketch form with improvisations and that's about the size of it. Benjamin came up with the band name. 

NOTE: The best original number worked up was entitled EMPOOL III. The song titled name was used again three years later
for the local art mag EMPOOL III and it's connection with EMPOOL.

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