[2004 ~ 2014]

Laurence began screenwriting experimental narrative short films in 2004.
These were screened and several won film festival awards. In 2014 he put it all to rest.

   (1) MISERABLE WOMAN IN ROOM   Conceived in 1994 (while cutting grass)
           An ambitious piece never fully realized. 2 demos were produced in the late 1990's.
           MUSIC provided by Yours Truly of VELVETEEN BLUE 
© 2000 

   (2) LIGHTS OUT  Filmed & Edited 2004-2005

           A film about one man's slow descent into his private hell after leaving a local club. It all ends in depressive psychosis with symbolic   
           suicide. LIGHTS OUT won 1st place at 2005 Philo R. Farnsworth Festival. It was also screened at 2005 KIFF Kansas International Film                       Festival, 2005 Muskegon Film Festival, 2005 Brighton International Film Festival, 2006 Ann Arbor Michigan Theater Cinema Slam,
           and 2006 West Chester Film Festival.  
           MUSIC provided by M3 
© 2001

   (3) TURN A LEFT, AND DOWN THE HALL  Filmed & Edited 2005
            An existential comedy. 
            MUSIC provided by Laurence Bond Miller 
© 1975

  (4) MYSTERIO WALKS  Filmed & Edited 2006 thru 2008 w/a final cut in 2014.
     One man's psychotic rise & fall while painting the town on Christmas Eve. Based on a poem Miller wrote in 1996 called MYSTERIO WALKS.
          This starred a local actor and took four major edits before reaching it's final form.
 And though never receiving much attention, this short
          is one of Miller's personal favorites. 


  (5) NAD & STACEY  Fall 2007 thru Jan 2008
            A convoluted and surreal comedy playfully expressing the struggle twins have in discovering individual identity. NAD & STACEY is inspired by
           a loosely scripted comic strip created during Miller's college daze.
 Laurence claims it's all about sound design on this one.  

           MUSIC provided by TWICE REMOVED © 2002

   (6) IN OUTSIDE  Filmed fall 2007
      Good friend Robert Hughes challenged Miller to produce a 5 minute psychological thriller given only four hours to shoot and one week to edit.
            This short is about one man's struggle to connect that which is outside himself to that which is inside. IN OUTSIDE was screened in March 2009
and eventually took First Place at the PHILO T. FARNSWORTH MEDIA FESTIVAL in 2011 for best short film.


  (7) "Park it for me, Sweetheart..."    Filmed fall 2007 (extended by another few minutes in spring 2008)
       Robert Hughes challenged Miller again, this time to produce a 5 minute Film Noir given 6 hours to shoot and one week to edit. He did, but then
             spent another few weeks shooting/editing additional scenes creating a superior version. This final form of the film is his first production with
             real time dialogue
 (as opposed to voice-overs). Credit is given to the star actress in helping him create the script as well. This is his first and
             only production which approaches traditional film making. 

             MUSIC provided by VELVETEEN BLUE

  (8) THE COLOR OF WATER  Filmed & Edited 2010- 2011
      VOLUME ONE: Sunken Gardens, Cliffs of Madness, The Transcending Word, Dumbstounded, Br. Wd., The Mariner, and Medley
      VOLUME TWO: Sky Ivy, Underwater, Optillusion, Self Portrait? (Inc.), Blue Flash, Flicking, and Atomic Aurora Aura
            This convoluted piece is a
n 'Art Film' documentary. A collection of his watercolor paintings 'in the process', documented over the
           course of two years. THE COLOR OF WATER was a co-op 
project with twin brother Benjamin Miller who provided sound design. 

  (9) GROWING GRAPES FOR THE FUTURE  Filmed & Edited 2012 thru 2014  
     An absurd, overly ambitious family-friendly musical film based on the proposed potentially prophetic properties of raisins. A dried grape.
         MUSIC provided by LAMMY RILLERSON & THEE 3D NEWZ


Laurence with brother Roger at KIFF October 2005 the night 'LIGHTS OUT' was screened
and THE ALLOY ORCHESTRA (now called The Anvil Orchestra) performed.

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