Avant Guard Camp Glam

[1987 ~ 1997 / 2016 ~ 2018]


Influences: Adam and the Ants, Charles Ives, Arthur Brown, and Killing Joke

circa 1995

                                Buzz Amerika  *  Hubba Chubba Bubba  *  Chip Reed  *  Larynx Zillion

                                                THE SHOP
                                                 circa 2016
               Willy the Barber  *  Ginger the Giraffe  *  Voxxy Soxx  *  Larynx Zillion  *  Katsumi Zoomi

Of all the many and varied real and not-so-real creations created, LARYNX ZILLION'S NOVELTY SHOP by all means possible took Miller's cake. It was his crowning achievement, hands down. We're talking pure mad genius even if he does say so himself and he clearly does. Period.

The Shop's original vision was first imagined in 1983, then inspired directly from Adam and the Ant's peculiar glam-slam punk
pop LP, "Kings of the Wild Frontier". As time grew, other influences of Miller's past experiences crept in; Arthur Brown, 
Charles Ives, Killing Joke,  and even Frank Zappa (not his potty mouth crap - no pun intended). Miller (or shouldn't we just say Zillion?) began recording the first of his compositions in 1987 in his 8-track home studio, bringing the whole mess into full manifestation
by early 1990, shortly after he got sober and clean. Bam!

Their first performance was a mime-presentation to their first flexi record "SOUTHPAWS UNITE!" Zillion was asked to take part in an anti-war theatre collective at Ann Arbor's Performance Network black box theatre (then still located on Washington Ave). What with his brand spanking new fascist manifesto "Southpaws Unite!  Have we not the right?!?" what greater opportunity could there ever be?

LARYNX ZILLION'S NOVELTY SHOP having completely materialized both in recording & performance c
ontinued on in several different line ups for a good 7 year itch. Not unlike Adam and the Ants, their running lyrical themes centered on clean living and raw sensuality with plenty of comic overtone. One might even go so far as to suggest YOU do the math, if it weren't so cruel.

"When the band finally broke up in 1997, I thought to myself... now, I can die."
(and you can quote Zillion on that)

Note: THE SHOP reformed with a brand new line up in 2016
They performed in the Detroit Metro Area and in 2020 released their EP CD 'OPEN 24/7'


[1990 thru 2016]

Many more fun photos uploaded soon...

1996 TOWER RECORDS Ann Arbor Michigan

MUSIC VIDEOS From All the Actual Various Incarnations of THE SHOP
(but please be sure to watch them on YouTube so we get our 'views'!)

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