Acid Rock
[1968-1971 / 2013 Reunion]


Influences: Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd, Soft Machine, Ann Arbor's SRC

Described as "Syd Barrett fronting Cream" in the book OUR BAND COULD BE YOUR LIFE by Michael Azzerad (p) 2001

11/10/20 Overview Review

SPROTON LAYER was a well rehearsed psychedelic rock group, lead by brother Roger Miller.
They performed at their high school theatre, battle of the bands,  and Big Steel Ballroom opening
up for COMMANDER CODY and the LOST PLANET AIRMEN (their trumpeter's brothers band).  SPROTON LAYER
also opened up for the likes of Carnal Kitchen (Andy MacKay on sax), and 
other bands of the day.
For more information on this "astonishing band" 
and other such things please visit Roger Clark Miller's Blog

SPROTON LAYER performed their 2013 Reunion Concerts in Ann Arbore, Detroit, Boston, and NYC
during their summer months of
June and July, pushing the newly mastered LP
on German psych-rock label 'World of Sound' Records.

Roger Miller
Bass, lead vocals, chief songwriter
Ben Miller
Guitar, harmony vocals, songwriter
Larry Miller
Harold Kirchen

The Miller brother's first band as precursor to SPROTON LAYER.  At ages 16 and 14,
this was their initial 
introduction to original free rock improvisation music.

John Neilson - CREEM, Option, Matter, NY Rocker  July 27th 2013

A decade ago Mission Of Burma bucked the trend and became one of the rare instances of a rock band - one which had disbanded at the peak of their powers - reuniting and not only not sucking but going on to a whole second act, no less creative and vigorous than before. This year Roger pulled yet another neat trick, reuniting the high school band he had back in Ann Arbor with his twin younger brothers Benjamin and Laurence, and doing some select club dates that were not only not embarassing, but a positive revelation.

Sproton Layer at the Mercury Lounge this evening showed that the teen trio's sources were pretty close to the surface - lots of Interstellar Overdrive, some jagged Crimson riffing, a little 'out' jazz and plenty of late psych flourishes, including some Forever Changes trumpet blasts - but they made them into something of their own and delivered them with the benefit of 40+ years worth of hard-earned chops. It's definitely music of its time (1969-70), but you could hear plenty of premonitions of what they would go on to do in MOB, Destroy All Monsters and their other projects over the years. It also sounded convincingly contemporary for 2013, and how many people could say that about their high school band?

In a perfect world Sproton Layer, too, would pick up where they left off and carry on for a few more great records, but who knows if their other projects will allow that? In any case, if you get the chance to see them by all means go, you're in for a treat.

                                        New Alliance Records © 1992
 World In Sound © 2011

3-Song 45rpm single on clear vinyl 
 [recorded 1969]
Complimentary to their New Alliance Cd/LP release 
© 1991 New Alliance Records




Manuscript Book

© 1972

Along with the support of Gertrude Kurath, Roger published all the music and words to our 1st and only recorded work,
along with original psychedelic illustrations by both he and the band's artist, Arnold Lelis.  This book was accepted by
the Ann Arbor Public Library into their local archives along with a reel to reel magnetic tape copy of the music.

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