Experimental Rock Ambient Improv

[1989 - 2001]

Influences: Stockhausen, John Cage, Contemporary Music

Roger Miller: Bass, Drums, Vocals, and found sound
Ben Miller: Guitar, Drums, Violin, Vocals, and found sound
Laurence Miller: Guitar, Drums, Keyboards, and found sound

M3 is/was an open recording project between the Miller boys. It began in fall of 1989
and basically finished up in late 2001, broadly speaking. Two collections were created.  

New Alliance Records © 1993

"Extremely interesting and undeservedly obscure. This sounds like the exact meeting point of The Heat's debut and
Massacre's Killing Time, 
erring on the latter (though the difficult aspects of the former become more pronounced the longer
the album goes on). This was a motherfucker to find, 
but I couldn't be more pleasantly surprised. Roasting the Salamander,
Lunge and Reel, and particularly Overboard are all exceptional. And although the
 more abrasive tracks are a bit
off-putting (see The Basement, parts of the tracks On The Beach, Headstone, and Door Nail Zombie),
the album never once gets dull.  Well worth finding."


Sublingual Records 
© 2001


                                      Anonymous quote from a 10 year old having just overheard M3 playing in the other room

                                                     "Either Laurence is playing some pretty funky music or our washing machine is dying..."

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