Alt Rock


Guitar & Vocals (additional keyboards and Bb clarinet), songwriter



Alto Saxophone

Prerecorded Tapes


Photograph by Donna Sevakis
{ January 1983 }

RADIO SILENCE was Miller's alternative relief program away from the post-unk band he was slaving over
at the time,
NONFICTION.  This band performed at Ann Arbor's Joe's Star Lounge several times before releasing their 1st (and so-far only) collection. A self-titled 1/2 studio 1/2 "live" double length cassette on Tip Toe Tapes in early 1984. The band folded later that year, sadly.

Twin brother Ben Miller (not pictured) played alto saxophone in this band but spent most of his own alternative relief program energy towards his own group, G.K.W. a.k.a. GOD KNOWS WHO
Laurence contributed to G.K.W. with spoken word and Bb clarinet. [Note: RADIO SILENCE and G.K.W. were off shoots from a precursor outfit of theirs just one year prior called LOW INCOME ZONE who are infamously known or unknown as the case may be  for being nearly booed off stage at Ann Arbor's Michigan Theater in 1982.

Pictured below is the front cover to their self titled cassette release © 1984. Their bassist designed the logo
in the TV screen. Laurence actually used this TV cabinet as an external speaker when performing "live". Once gig it caught on fire at in the middle of a solo. A guitarist from the next band up [THE URBATIONS] freaked out running up on stage to 'put it out' and knocked over his 2nd backup guitar - putting a huge gouge in it. Thanks.

                                                           Side A) Multi track garage recordings November 1983 thru February 1984

                                                                      1) CBS GOOD EVENING THEME
                                                                      2) BUT, WHAT IS CRAZY?
                                                                      3) HAIL TO THE VICTIMS
                                                                      4) THE LAW
                                                                      5) ROTATING / REVOLVING
                                                                      6) BAGPIPE PIECE
                                                                      7) THE SOUND OF MUZAK
                                                                      8) MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE THEME
                                                                      9) DON'T JOIN THE ARMY
                                                                    10) ENCORE IN E
                                                                    11) CBS GOOD NIGHT THEME

                                                           Side B)  "Live" @ Joe's Star Lunge 8/28/83

                                                                      1) CBS GOOD NIGHT THEME
                                                                      2) MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE THEME
                                                                      3) THE LAW
                                                                      4) PINK PANTHER
                                                                      5) ENCORE in E
                                                                      6) THE SOUND OF MUZAK
                                                                      7) JUNKYARD
                                                                      8) THRU THE VERGE
                                                                      9) CBS LATE NIGHT THEME

                                                                      Larry Miller: Vocals, electric guitar, keyboard, and Bb clarinet
                                                                      Ben Miller: Alto Saxophone
                                                                      Don Rimmer: Bass
                                                                      John O'Reilly: Drums

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