Rock Music w/old school R&B flavor
[2017 ~ 2022]

Laurence Miller: Guitar, vocals
Nathan Addison: Alto & Tenor saxophone
William Bennett: Piano & Organ
Randy Baker: Bass
Adam Berg: Drums

The band folded due summer 2021 in part by the pandemic, just after finishing
their one & only CD 'FROM THE TAR PITS OF LOVE'
[Released on FarFetched Records February 2022]

               ADAM BERG                                              LAURENCE MILLER              RANDY BAKER       NATHAN ADDISON                 WILLIAM BENNETT                                                (Drums)                                                        (Vocal/Guitar)                            (Bass)                     (Tenor Sax)                               (Piano/Organ)

LAURENCE MILLER AND THE LOVE MANIACS was formed in 2017. Born from the inspired ashes of his pre-teen youth, Laurence 
set forth to create an old school bare bones R&B style band with a decidedly Hard Rock edge. The idea was to mix
heavy handed versions of Fats Domino covers with a slew of originals. The 'sound' soon stretched further as the group
continued to develop. 
All material, both original and covers, loomed heavy in the tar pits of romantic love. 
Sadly, this relatively commercial endeavor did not translate to anywhere near the bookings needed
to support it's existence, and so, found itself fully dissolved by 2021. 

"Very authentic - hard edged, yet disciplined - a breath of fresh air! I would pay to see that in a club!"
[Local Fan]

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